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Meta Modern


I feel inspired by the rituals of today, which feel like a foundation to everything we do. Talking, walking, the way people approach, engage, and view things. It feels important to translate these rhythms, routines and patterns of present day life into something more. I want to explore and challenge the existing notions of our reality, as well as the affect this could have on the art world specifically. Furthermore, I wanted to challenge the identity of a museum, so I created a new ’museum’ called Meta Modern.

’Meta Modern celebrates modern mannerisms in relation to art, and its purpose in contemporary life. Featuring emerging and established artists from around the world. Playing on the border between past and present, exemplifying how we can view and interact with art differently. Meta Modern aims to challenge what we expect from the gallery experience, and how we respond to art when it is presented in a fresh way.’


Visual presentation of the identity Berghs School of Communication

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